Benefits of freestanding carports

Published: 15th March 2011
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Carports are the ideal choice for people who do not currently have a garage built on their property and are concerned about protecting their automobiles and keeping them from being exposed to the elements. Carports are an excellent alternative to outdoor and street parking. A lean-to carport acts as not only a protective shelter but also a valuable home addition. These types of carports are available in a wide-array of materials and styles, all of which are relatively easy to install and affordable to buy.

A metal, lean-to carport needs to be installed by leaning it on or attaching it to a separate structure such as building located on the property. The carport will utilize the particular structure as a support, which is why lean-to carports are known for their reliability and sturdiness. These metal carports are also called "single-slope carports" because the roof sits at a slopping angle. It is this feature that makes single-slope carports perfect for standing up against heavy snowfall and rain. Also, lean-to carports take up little space on a property and keep automobiles close to the actual home. Some homeowners like to entertain or cook outside underneath their carport and when they choose to do so, the homeowners can simply move their vehicles elsewhere on the property; carports are versatile outdoor spaces.

There are several methods used to erect a lean-to carport. The homeowner can hire a contractor to build a carport using custom or existing plans; this will cost the homeowner money for not only materials but also construction. Contractors are also able to build a carport using a kit. Carport plans are simply designs that show all pertinent measurements and construction steps while kits are prefabricated shelters that include all instructions and materials. Many homeowners prefer carport kits because these kits are made to make installation fairly easy for almost anyone to accomplish. These kits eliminate any guesswork by guiding the homeowner through the building process step-by-step, allowing the carport to be completely built in only several hours. Anyone who wishes to have an effective vehicle shelter they can build themselves while saving time and money should consider the lean-to carport.

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