Grp door canopies the advantages

Published: 15th March 2011
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GRP Door Canopies

Even though many people are aware of the advantages of GRP door canopies, there are some people who believe GRP, or Glass Reinforced Polyester, is not as protective as felt, tile or timber roofing. However, GRP door canopies are far more superior than roofing made of other materials.

Usually, appearance is a big concern for property owners. This is why most people choose their door canopy carefully so as not to take away from the visual appeal of their property. Because a poor contrast between the entire property and the entrance canopy can look jarring, some property owners choose lead, tile or timber roofing as opposed to the GRP variety.

When GRP roofing first gained popularity from the late 1970s to early 1980s, there was not a lot of choices in terms of colours and styles; however, current GRP manufacturers created canopies that closely imitate the look of other materials such as lead, tile and timber.

Quite a few entrance and porch canopies are made of GRP even though they appear to be made of other materials. This type of fiberglass can be formed to resemble timber-framed, tiled or lead roofing. GRP can also be created to seamlessly mesh with a property's style and age.

Of course, appearance is not the sole purchasing factor when it comes to door canopies. Long-term maintenance must also be considered. Because the canopy sits directly above a door, it has high visibility and must be taken care of.

Timber roofing is able to absorb moisture, causing it crack, twist and warp. Felt roofing is notorious for splitting, stretching and warping while lead roof tiles can easily break, leak and fall off, all damages of which are expensive to repair. Thankfully, GRP door canopies can be easily maintained by using a damp cloth to wipe them clean.

In addition, the cost of installing a GRP canopy is relatively inexpensive and straightforward in comparison to other types of roofing. For example, lead roofing comes with a high cost and requires a specialist and additional weight supports. Lead roofing not only costs more money but also takes more time; the same installation factors apply to timber and tiled roofing. In comparison, GRP canopies are cheaper, made off site, take a short time for a contractor to install and self-supporting. When it comes to canopies, GRP wins every time.

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